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R12 Data Conversion Solutions


Oracle Release 12 is the future of E-Business. The economy might delay some R12 projects, but migrating to Oracle R12 is no longer a question of "if" but "when."

To deploy R12 successfully, you must have a project plan, an implementation methodology, R12 experts, and... a data conversion strategy.

That’s right, data conversion. Of all the elemets that comprise an R12 deployment or reimplementation, data conversion seems to be the most mundane. You might even wonder why you need to be concerned with it, until you consider the Bloor Research Study* which reveals that:

  • 37% of data conversion projects exceed their budgets
  • 64% of data conversion projects finish late

Worse yet, these time and cost-overruns add an estimated 30% to the cost of data conversion.

In the current business climate it is imperative that you convert your data to R12 on-time and on-budget. Fortunately, there are cost-effective solutions for accurate on-time data conversion.

(*) "Data Migration" by Bloor Research, 2007, as cited in Database Trends and Applications magazine.


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